Frequently Asked Questions

Your pricing is very aggressive compared to some other photographers. Why?

True. I am aggressively priced and for a number of very good reasons. #1 – Photography isn’t my full time job, so I am not trying to make the big bucks to support my family. Rather, I am making a nominal fee on the side and providing an important service that touches the hearts of a lot of people. #2 – While I have been shooting for over 10 years as a hobbyist, I am just getting started as a professional and this is a way to build a client base and produce some good word-of-mouth advertising. #3 – This allows me to provide you an exceptional value while I grow in experience as a professional photographer, building my skills and my portfolio while doing something that I love. #4 – Products like photo books and prints aren’t included in my pricing as you might find with other professionals who at higher rate. I leave the design of those up to you and your particular tastes, which frees me up to pay the most attention to making sure each image is just right before it is delivered to you.

Can I print the photos myself, or do I need to purchase prints through you?

Simply put, yes you may print your photos yourself. Along with a release form, I provide each of the images we select from our session together in a high resolution .jpg file format so that you can have it printed any time you want. While Walgreens, WalMart and Costco provide great prices and generally acceptable prints, they don’t always bring out the best in your photos. As such, I highly recommend and encourage you to use a reputable online service for the best quality prints. This makes us both look good at the same time! You pay a little for shipping and you have to wait a bit longer, but its completely worth it. You’ve just spent good money on getting your portraits taken, don’t skimp on the printing. Some of my personal recommendations are: MPIXBay PhotoWhite House Custom Color, and even Shutterfly

What about posting the photographs from our session online?

Absolutely! I also provide each image in a web ready resolution so you can easily upload and share them with friends and family on your favorite social sites. Also, this way my work is presented in the best light because it avoids all the nasty compression and digital artifacts that can be produced when large files are uploaded to such services.

Do you travel?

I do, or at least I can. Missoula and closely surrounding areas are where I prefer to shoot, but if you have somewhere else in mind, contact me and let’s see what it would take to get me there.

Any further questons:

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