My Name is Jason Tupeck

Photographer, Artist

When my wife, Aimee really began to get into scrap booking soon after we were married, I discovered how much I enjoyed taking pictures. Back then it was a simple point and shoot Kodak APS film camera, but it has since become much much more to me that taking simple snapshots. For over ten years now, I have been attempting to freeze those perfect moments in time that we all want to remember in such a way that I could look back on them years later and remember exactly how I felt when I took that photograph. It is now time for me to share that love of and for this art, with you.

Whether its a beautiful portrait session with a sprawling landscape the backdrop, a simple get-together with your friends and family, or the even getting that perfect smile of your children as they play, my desire is to capture and present to you an array of images that will make you smile and that you would be proud to display in your home. I am available for portrait and event photography at reasonable rates and I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to share my passion for photography with you.