Hiking the M on Homecoming Game Day seemed like a good idea, at first. Then came the walking from Hellgate Canyon (you know…because there was no other parking available) just to get to the base of Mount Sentinel. Braving the crowded tailgate parties, the three of headed on around the stadium and up the jagged path to the M. It’s been well over 10, encroaching upon 15 years since I had hiked up there. Let me tell you, it really wasn’t that bad. Going up. Coming down, is another story if you have bad knees.

But man, was it worth it! These images are a few of the ones I took. Aniaya, enjoying the view is one of my favorites, along with the panorama you can see at ‘Got Game, Missoula?’. I am believing that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

All images are under copyright © Jason Tupeck Photography

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