Missoula Corn Maze

Every year we try to get to the corn maze here in Missoula with friends and family. Thankfully, the one day that we were able to get out and go, it was the last day before this frigid weather began to settle in. Skies were a bit overcast, with some breaks in warm light here and there. It was the last day of my Zeiss 16-35/f2.8 rental lens, which I had gotten for the zombie event at The Hub, and I really wanted to see what it could do in some better light. It did not disappoint! Lovely colors that really caught the day.

Needless to say, the kids had a blast out there getting lost in the maze. The theme this year is a Wild West Adventure where they got to learn all about different outlaws like Jesse James, and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, aka. Sundance Kid as they wound their way through the tall hay bale pathways and the vast cornfield. I think we were in there for well over an hour as we searched for and found 5 of the outlaw wanted posters. Highly recommend that you get there before they close up shop for the year!

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